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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)

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  • North VS South - The unequal distribution of wealth (cartoon)

    06 April 2011 ( #Teachers' Corner )

    Here is a post particularly dedicated to senior STG students who will take their oral exam at the end of the year. The recording and commentary was made by Holly, our British language assistant from London, UK. This document deals with: The global divide...

  • Debate +++

    14 January 2011 ( #2010-2011 - 1ère ES )

    Hey, today we first had two debates about the death penalty: for or against? If you want an audio version of the debate to be able to listen to you again, feel free to send me an email or to contact me thanks to the "Need Help?" button and form on the...

  • First Class - Amit, the Indian student ?

    07 September 2010 ( #2010-2011 - Tale ES )

    Hey, today we first got to know each other. Let me wish you a happy back-to-school. I hope you will all achieve good grades at the end of the year for your A-Levels. After introducing myself a little and presenting how the year was going to unfold, we...

  • Mock Exam - Correction

    31 March 2010 ( #2009-2010 - Tale LV2 )

    Hey, if you need the correction of your mock exams again, I have typed the essay and story of both Maxime and Nadège because they were really good examples of what you could all do at the final exam. Click the icon below to display the correction of the...

  • Cluedo + England at war + Stella, torn apart

    21 May 2010 ( #2009-2010 - 1ère L 2 )

    Hey, today you really pissed me off with your chatting all the time... so much that I decided to stop the class short and have you get out! You didn't deserve me teaching you anymore. You had better change behaviour and quick! First we warmed up with...

  • Reality TV: the end of the text

    24 September 2010 ( #2010-2011 - 1ère LV2 )

    Hey, today we first spoke about health problems because Sylvain was sick yesterday. Here is what we said during the warm up: Yesterday, Sylvain was absent because he suffered from a toothache . He was in pain. Voc: (to) suffer (from) = (to) be in pain...

  • How to write a dialogue and give the emotions of the characters

    23 November 2010 ( #2010-2011 - 1ère ES )

    Hey, today, we first gossiped about Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's divorce. Here is what we said: In the US, everybody talks about Eva and Tony Parker's divorce. Eva accuses Tony of having an affair / of cheating on her / of betraying her. Tony is said...

  • Giving and receiving gifts + correction for your DST

    08 December 2010 ( #2010-2011 - T Merca )

    Hey, today we first spoke about X-mas and more precisely X-mas presents. Here is what you said about the event: Some people prefer receiving money because they can buy what they really want whereas others like having real presents / gifts and surprises....

  • In France, this is considered very English...

    19 November 2010 ( #2010-2011 - 1ère ES )

    Hey, today we first corrected your homework exercise about as if / as though . Here is the correction: 1- The French / French people are believed to speak English very poorly as if / as though they never learned /learnt foreign languages. 2- Americans...

  • How to create a resume

    30 May 2011 ( #2010-2011 - T Merca )

    Hey, today we went deeper into the analysis of Ben's possible CV. We analysed what had to be said according to his personal experience so as to fit the job descrpition to its best. Here is what we wrote in the different categories: "to be written by ..."...

  • How to write a newspaper article - I want to be fat again

    03 October 2011 ( #2011-2012 - 1ère ES )

    Hi guys, today we worked in groups around the notion of "How to write a newspaper article". From a recent article, we determined what the layout was composed of and while reading it we could identify some typical information about the content. You can...

  • Super Heroes: a definition + continuation of activity

    12 October 2011 ( #2011-2012 - 2nde 2 )

    Hi guys, today we first corrected your homework and wrote a definition for the word: "Super Hero" in you binders. Here it reads: (1) They are fictional character. You can see them in: - Movies - Comics - Dreams - Cartoons - Toys (2) Super heroes have...

  • Methodology: how to analyse a picture and narrate a story

    18 November 2011 ( #2011-2012 - 2nde 1 )

    Hey guys, today you REALLY PISSED ME OFF not saying a word and as a consequence you got more homework to do than expected... I'm warning you one last time: I'm not talking and working for you. So get moving! Eventually, we managed to analyse the first...

  • Pogrom - the video

    17 September 2009 ( #2009-2010 - 2nde 2 )

    After interrogating some of you about the lesson and the homework, we wrote things about Ellis Island, "E Pluribus Unum", and "Pogroms". Here is what we said: - "Pogroms" were persecutions against Jews by the Russian army at the beginning of the 20th...

  • Arguments for and against - the recap

    11 May 2012 ( #2011-2012 - 1ère ES )

    Hello again Class! Today the students who actually spoke did quite a good job analysing and interpreting the different arguments from the tapes we listened to. Here is what we wrote to finish the summary of pros and cons about the capital punishment:...

  • Correction for the essay + translation + Norman Rockell's Rosie

    03 November 2011 ( #2011-2012 - Tale L )

    Hey guys, today we first finished correcting your tests (essay and translation). Here is the list of link words that were used in the essay: "to be written by Sarah / Aurianne" Here is the correction for the translation (English original text + our proposal):...

  • Voc test + American Life (Madonna)

    01 February 2012 ( #2011-2012 - 2nde 2 )

    Hi guys, first you took a vocabulary test about the lesson. Then we continued the class with the study of the song entitled "American Life" by Madonna. You can watch the video clip again below: Don't forget to train speaking and singing like Madonna since...

  • NYC's population & boroughs - Immigration

    09 December 2011 ( #2011-2012 - 2nde 2 )

    Hi guys, today we first made a quick recap of what we had said yesterday about the picture and Nizart had to draw it on the board to make sure the directions you gave him were correct. Then we continued talking about the topic of immigration to the US...

  • World Aids Day - Dec 1st

    02 December 2011 ( #2011-2012 - 1ère ES )

    Hey guys, today we began working on a new topic: AIDS. We listened to an interview of Bono, the leader of the band U2 who is involved in a charity acting against the pandemic. You can listen to it again below: Here is what we said about the document and...

  • India (voc) + text "Arranged Marriages"

    10 February 2012 ( #2011-2012 - 1ère ES )

    Hi guys, today we first did an oral competition to know who could remember and use as many words as possible in sentences to speak about India. Then you refused to do your presentations (positive and negative things about the country... shame on you......

  • Tookie Williams Execution

    04 April 2012 ( #2011-2012 - 1ère ES )

    Hi guys, today I had you watch a news report dealing with the death of Tookie Williams. You can watch it again below: Here is what we said about it: THE DEBATE OVER THE DEATH SENTENCE The document is a news report about Tookie Williams, a former gand...

  • Phonetics Chart + Akeelah and the Bee

    24 September 2012 ( #6ème 4 - Freshmen )

    Hi guys, today we corrected your phonetics chart and learnt how to pronounce the words correctly according to their phonetic symbols. Then we started a new activity about the trailer of the film "Akeelah and the Bee".You had to find the letters which...

  • La post-position "on"

    13 May 2010 ( #Grammar )

    Cette post-position exprime l'idée de continuité. Si elle est rajoutée après un verbe, vous pourrez en déduire le sens en réfléchissant à cette notion de pérénité de l'action. Par exemple : Si vous demandez votre chemin dans la rue à Londres pour aller...

  • Comment choisir entre For et Since ?

    04 February 2010 ( #Grammar )

    N ous avions déjà vu dans des articles précédents comment choisir le bon temps à employer dans une phrase. Nous avions dit à ce titre que le Present Perfect était le temps du bilan que l'on fait aujourd'hui en regardant vers le passé. Le temps écoulé...

  • Spiderman - Page 2 (the end)

    12 November 2009 ( #2009-2010 - 2nde 2 )

    Hey, with the whole class, we first did a warm up about sports and superheroes. Here is what we said: "to be written by Romain Hamon" Then we continued speaking about the 2nd page from Spiderman. Here is what we wrote: "to be written by Romain Hamon"...

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