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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
December 4 2012 3 04 /12 /December /2012 11:33

Hi guys,


today we worked on the following parody about Henry VIII (the eighth).




Here is the lesson we wrote:

Tuesday, December 4th

Lesson: The life of Henry VIII (the eighth) and his six wives


He had 3 children (Mary, Elizabeth, Edward).

Henry married six wives during his life. He divorced two. He beheaded two. One died in childbirth of blood poisoning. Only one wife survived.


Reasons why he gotmarried:

- 1st wife: He married because it was a political alliance with Spain.

- 2nd wife: ... because he wanted a male heir.

- 3rd wife: ... because he still wanted a male heir.

- 4th wife: ... because it was a political alliance with Germany.

- 5th wife: ... because he fell in love.

- 6th wife: ... because he needed a nurse and companion. He had a problem with his leg.


Reasons why they separated:

1- He divorced the 1st wife because she didn't have a son (he wanted a male heir). [Mary]

2- The 2nd wife died because she promised a son but she had a daughter. [Elizabeth]

3- The 3rd wife died in childbirth of blood poisoning. She gave birth to a son. [Edward]

4- The 4th wife was beheaded because she loved another man.

5- He divorced the 5th one because she had an ugly face.

6- His 6th and last wife survived but she died one year after him. (she married twice: once with Henry and once after he died).


Reason why the King died:

Henry VIII died because he had a problem with his leg.




in green = [id]

in yellow = [d]

in purple = [t]

in red = irregular verbs in the preterite


Vocabulary in blue:

(to) get married

(to) be beheaded

(to) get a divorce

(to) die in childbirth

blood poisoning

a political alliance

an heir


(to) need

a nurse

a son / a daughter


Grammar: La négation au prétérit

= S + didn't + BV

Ex: She didn't have a son.





- apprendre la leçon. Connaître par coeur la vie d'Henry VIII et de ses 6 femmes (raison du mariage, raison de la séparation).

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December 3 2012 2 03 /12 /December /2012 12:56

Hi guys,


today we talked about Henry VIII (the eighth) and why he had six wives...

They were either divorced, beheaded, or died... how gruesome a king he was!


You can have a look at Kathryn's presentation here again:





- réviser pour le devoir sur Thanksgiving.

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November 30 2012 6 30 /11 /November /2012 11:44

Hi guys,


today we first completed the quiz that you had created about health and sport.

Then we continued and wrote the lesson about Squanto in the copybook along with a chart with regular verbs (pronunciation of /ed/ ending): 

- Squanto was a Native American (Indian). He belonged to the Patuxet tribe.

- He was a helper. He helped the Pilgrims to catch fish.

- He was a teacher. He taught them how to plant corn.

- He was a guide. He guided them where to hunt.

- He was a friend. He reconciled the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.


-> Strategy: le suffixe -er

Ajouté à un verbe, il transforme ce verbe en nom.


Teach -> teacher           Help -> helper

Garden  -> gardener       Work -> worker

Manage -> manager       Hunt -> hunter



Finally, I let you discover the main topic of next time's lesson: the mystery picture of Queen Elizabeth II ("the second").

You can do this mystery activity here again:




And you can have your parents and / or brothers and sisters fill in the health quiz online here




- vous aurez un devoir de fin de séquence (health + thanksgiving) ce mardi 4 Novembre.

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November 27 2012 3 27 /11 /November /2012 19:35

Hi guys,


today we finished working on the questions of the quiz about health.

addres book


Then we continued the lesson about Thanksgiving, studying the text about Squanto.

We focused our attention on the verbs in the preterite (past tense), both on regular verbs (with /ed/) and irregular verbs (without /ed/).


You had to classify the verbs according to their pronunciation.

Here is what you could have written:

Squanto was a Native American. He was from the Patuxet tribe.
He had many roles for the pilgrims:

- he was a helper = he helped them to catch fish.
- he was a guide = he showed / he guided them where to hunt.
- he was a teacher = he taught them how to plant corn.
- he was a friend = he reconciled the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.









Irregular verbs

- come -> came
- be -> was / were
- teach -> taught




- être capable de parler des rôles de Squanto.

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November 26 2012 2 26 /11 /November /2012 10:42

Hi guys,


today we did a follow-up lesson about Thanksgiving traditions today. In groups, you had pieces of a puzzle to assemble and then keep secret for the class to guess. You had to make at least 5 sentences about those pictures.

They were all different and all about an important modern Thanksgiving tradition: 

- Macy's Parade in New York City.


- Black Friday, the day of sales just after Thanksgiving.


- Thanksgiving football match and special commercials.





- vous devez répondre à l'enquête distribuée. Vous pouvez ajouter jusqu'à 4 questions pour compléter le questionnaire.

- vous aurez bientôt un test de connaissances sur Thanksgiving...

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November 23 2012 6 23 /11 /November /2012 18:24

http://img.over-blog.com/256x256/0/43/50/45//6755-tatice-notepadblocnotes.pngHello everyone,


today we dedicated the hour to setting things straight and to correcting your test.

Let's hope you will have understood that your not succeeding only depends on your not working properly at home...

So, let's start the 2nd term with a better attitude and a better way of working.

Mr Hattais.



- vous devez finir la correction de votre devoir en vous aidant du cahier pour les parties non corrigées en classe.

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November 20 2012 3 20 /11 /November /2012 16:07

Hi guys,


today we created your quiz taking questions from everybody.

Here are the words symbolizing your questions:

1- chips and burgers
2- TV
3- sport (running / ping pong / horse riding)
4- water / sugary drinks
5- drinks during a meal: oasis / coke / water
6- candies
7- pay attention to your body
8- fish
9- vitamins
10- play video games



- apprendre la leçon et être capable de poser les questions uniquement à partir de ces mots-clés.

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November 19 2012 2 19 /11 /November /2012 12:57

squanto.JPGHi guys,


today you had a class about "The First Thanksgiving" with Kathryn. I hope you understood lots of things and that you enjoyed it.

Here is the text we studied that goes along with the video here:



Transcript and questions here:

Cyclop Alien Folder



- la plupart d'entre vous a oublié de me rendre les questions du quiz que vous aviez à créer... donc il faudra absolument que vous les ayez pour la prochaine fois.

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November 13 2012 3 13 /11 /November /2012 11:46

Hi guys,


today we first had Arno's very good presentation of the following advert and also Anicia's.

We corrected a little bit Anicia's presentation about the goals:

- The advert encourages people to buy Oasis.

- It encourages people to think that they eat fruit when the drink Oasis.


Voc: an ad / an advert / an advertisement / a commercial (on TV)


Finally, you worked in groups of 2 maximum to create a quiz about healthy habits at Joliot Curie.

Be careful about how to make a question in English:

Les mots interrogatifs:

Who / Where / When / What / How... (How often / How many / How much / How long ... etc) / Why

+ La construction de la question: inversion auxiliaire - sujet - verbe. L'auxiliaire du présent simple (pour parler des habitudes) = DO / DOES (en fonction de la personne).



- finir ce quiz (une feuille par groupe de deux maximum à me rendre si vous étiez en groupe)

- révisez vos leçons depuis le début de l'année. Il y aura un contrôle sur vos connaissances acquises depuis la rentrée.

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November 12 2012 2 12 /11 /November /2012 13:44

Hi guys,


today you had to work with Kathryn on the results of the American elections and more particularly on Barack Obama's victory speech. You can watch it again below:



Here are some important elements that you understood during Kathryn's presentation:

- President Barack Obama was re-elected for four more years.
- In his victory speech, Barack Obama thanks his wife Michelle for her support
         -- NB: the wife of the president is called: "the first lady"
- He thanks Joe Biden, his vice-president (he says he is the best vice-president ever).
- The electoral system is different from France. It's the number of votes of the electoral college that counts, not the popular vote. To win the elections, you need to score 270 "points" but it's not important if you have less than 50% of people actually voting for you.



Some of you really behaved like SLUGS! I'm telling you... you REALLY need to wake up and participate. This week's the last impression of you I'll have before filling in this term's report cards... So you'd better watch out...



- vous aurez un devoir reprenant l'ensemble des éléments de vos leçons depuis le début de l'année ce jeudi 15/11/2012. A vos révisions!

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