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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
March 12 2013 3 12 /03 /March /2013 15:08

Hi guys,


today after making a short recap of what we had said yesterday about Saint Patrick's Day, we continued the lesson with the start of a new sequence:

"Adventures in Australia"

Here is what you said:

The best holiday in Australia would be to...:

- go sightseeing

- go to the outback

- visit Sydney and Canberra (the capital city)

- surf

- go to the disco

- eat at a local restaurant

- see exotic / wild animals (kangaroos, koalas, ...)

- spend one year on holiday

- travel with friends


Then you had to ask the questions about your experience and answer them.

Here are some examples:

Have you ever gone sightseeing in Australia?

-> No I've never gone sightseeing in Australia.


Have you ever seen wild animals?

-> Yes, I've already seen wild animals. I saw kangaroos but at the zoo.


Have you ever surfed?

-> Yes, I've already surfed [t] once.



- apprendre le nouveau vocabulaire.

- à partir de la feuille distribuée, vous vous exercerez à poser les questions sur l'expérience (et à y répondre). Attention à bien former les questions et les réponses avec le participe passé correctement construits ( /-ed/ [t - d - id] ou forme irrégulière 3ème colonne).

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March 11 2013 2 11 /03 /March /2013 10:34

Hi guys,


today after presenting and explaining the new system in class, we made a quick recap of what you had learned about Leslie Feliciano before the holidays and you did quite a good job as a group.

Then we started to study a document about "Saint Patrick's Day", an Irish celebration.

You can review the powerpoint presentation here again (until slide 5)



- n'oubliez pas de me rendre par écrit votre compte sur Leslie Feliciano (en anglais bien sûr...). Organisez-le en 10 lignes environ (faites des paragraphes si nécessaire).

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February 22 2013 6 22 /02 /February /2013 14:21

Hi everyone,


today we first refreshed your memory about the scene when Oliver is accused of robbing a handkerchief (adaptation by Roman Polanski) and we wrote some sentences about the situation.

Then you took your final test about this sequence.



- à partir des questions posées et des notes prises lors de la conférence avec Leslie Feliciano, vous devez écrire un rapport en anglais sur la biographie de l'artiste et sur ce que vous avez appris lors de cet entretien. A rendre pour le mardi 12/03/13.

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February 19 2013 3 19 /02 /February /2013 11:34

Hi guys,


today we mostly worked on the correction of your homework and you had to understand how to use the two preterites correctly.

Here is a short text we wrote:


Last Saturday, my parents went out.

I was watching TV with my brother when somebody appeared by the window.

I locked the door.

Later, we were eating when there was a power cut.

We were alone in the dark when we heard a car.

Somebody was trying to open the door.

It was our parents.



- contrôle de connaissance sur la leçon (depuis le début de l'étude Oliver Twist) + contrôle de grammaire (conjugaison). N'oubliez pas non plus vos 20 verbes irréguliers supplémentaires.

- Vous êtes également convoqués à de 15h30 à 17h30 pour 1 heure d'anglais (pour finir le cours sur le hip hop avec Kathryn) et 1 heure d'entretien avec un artiste américain.

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February 18 2013 2 18 /02 /February /2013 10:36

Hi guys,


today you first had to present your drawings to the class explaining the meaning of the song. Many of you had not done their jobs properly... and I can't congratulate you.

Then we worked on possible interview questions for Jay-Z. Here are the questions you thoughts of:

- Who...

... is your producer?

... is your favorite singer?

... is your girl friend?

... is your mother / father?

... is your best friend?

- Where...

... do you live?

... did you sing for the first time?

... are you from?

... did you begin your career?


- When... 

... did you become famous?

... were you born?


- What... 

... is your dream today?

... is your real name?

... is your favorite song / dance / country?

... stars have you seen?

... kind of music do you do?


- How... 

... old are you?

... much money do you have a month?

... many children / siblings do you have?


- Why...

... do you like rap?

... do you sing?

... did you choose to become a singer?


You can watch the interview of Jay-Z down here and see that some of the questions you thought of have actually been asked to him by the journalist. Good job!






- se préparer pour l'interview de vendredi ( = réviser les questions possibles).

- travail prévu sur Oliver Twist (the comic strip).

- Clue: the artist you are going to discover this Friday is connected to the world of Jay-Z but it's not Jay-Z... :)

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February 15 2013 6 15 /02 /February /2013 11:58

Hey everyone,


today you wrote a lesson about the differences and similarities in the documents of the triptych.

Remember that you need to use "WHEREAS" or "WHILE" to express contrast and "BOTH" to say that two things are similar.


We also spoke about obligations in the past:

The children had to work whereas the adults didn't. They were lazy.

They didn't have electricity so they had to use candles instead.


Finally, we worked on the comic strip and saw how to express two different actions in the past: 


The Dodger was stealing the man's handkerchief when the shop keeper saw him.


-> Prétérit en Be+ing / Prétérit simple = l'action cadre (be+ing) dans laquelle d'autres actions peuvent intervenir (simple).



- terminer l'exercice sur la fiche avec la BD.

- faire les exercices 1 et 3 p. 47 du livre.

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February 12 2013 3 12 /02 /February /2013 11:32

Hi guys,


today we first made a recap of last time's lesson about the atmosphere in the movie and then we continued the lesson with an analysis of 2 pictures (a movie still / a painting) and the original text.

You had to read the text and find similar (or different) elements comparing the text and the 2 pictures.

You can download the triptych here again:




- re-regarder et re-lire le texte en faisant les efforts nécessaires pour élucider les passages non compris s'en s'aidant d'un dictionnaire.

- contrôle de verbes irréguliers (60 1ers verbes).

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February 11 2013 2 11 /02 /February /2013 13:16

Hi guys,


today we continued the class about hip hop with Kathryn. You had to study the elements in the video clip corresponding to "5 elements of hip hop" as seen in the documentary (MCing, DJing, Graffiti, Breakdancing, Knowledge).

You found interesting elements in the video and also in the lyrics.

You finally had to draw a symbol for each verse to represent the message of the song.



- finir le dessin symbolisant votre partie et se préparer à argumenter en anglais les motivations de votre dessin (pourquoi ce dessin par rapport aux paroles et quel message du chanteur?)




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February 5 2013 3 05 /02 /February /2013 12:03

Hi guys,


today we worked on an extract from the movie "Oliver Twist". Here is what we said:


The movie is dark because it takes place at night. In the 1800's, there was no electricity. They only used candles. Plus, it takes place in England and the weather is often bad / cloudy.

It creates suspense and a prison-like atmosphere. It's scary.

The children / orphans are like slaves. They are hard-working whereas the adults are lazy. They don't have a lot of food while the adults have a big meal.


Children / Adults:

- very young / old

- poor / rich

- skinny or bony / fat



- thin / skinny / bony

- respectful / obedient

- slave

- (to) draw lots / (to) bet

- an orphan



- connaître la leçon par coeur.

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February 4 2013 2 04 /02 /February /2013 15:31

Hi guys,


today you first had to present the biographies of MLK to Kathryn and then had a class where she taught you some important elements about music and the hip hop culture.

You can access her presentation down here again:



The song that we are going to study next time is really a good example of what hip hop is.

Watch it again below:






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