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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
June 3 2013 2 03 /06 /June /2013 10:25

Hi guys,


today we still worked on what will happen in the future according to some extracts from a science-fiction movie: I, Robot starring Will Smith as Detective Spooner. 

Here is what you said:

In the future, holograms will be able to talk.

Cars will fly and drive faster than today.

Building will be higher than today.

Screens will be bigger and larger too.

Robots will replace men and do the housework. For example, they will walk the dogs or take care of the bins.



will + verb = exprime la notion de futur

be able to = la capacité


Finally, we started watching the trailer from the movie Gattaca, in which you had to determine what would change in the future.

Here is what you said in the very end:

We will be able to clone people.

We will be able to create new genes.



- apprendre la leçon par coeur.

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May 31 2013 6 31 /05 /May /2013 17:21



after recording your presentations about the best jobs in the world, we started a new sequence about the future.

Don't forget to use "WILL" to express the idea of future.



- We will never drop our telephones anymore because they will resist gravity.

- Cars will fly.

- Books will not exist anymore, only digital books.

- We will live on other planets.




- apprendre la leçon et être capable de donner au minimum 5 choses qui pourront avoir lieu dans le futur.



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May 27 2013 2 27 /05 /May /2013 10:42



today we first listened to documents that you had already heard before and you had to concentrate to find some positive expressions to re-use in your video CV next time.

Then we watched two examples of video CV and you analysed them.

You can watch them again below:


Graham's application



Delphine's application






- à noter, il n'y pas cours demain de 10h à 12h en raison d'une réunion du collège. Vous n'aurez donc pas anglais demain. Si vous aviez oublié le script de votre CV vidéo pour aujourd'hui, apportez-le quand même demain ou envoyez-le moi par email pour que je puisse vous aider à vous corriger.

- vous devrez vous enregistrer vendredi pour postuler à l'un des jobs proposés par le concours: "The Best Jobs in the World".

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May 24 2013 6 24 /05 /May /2013 14:12



today you were not really prone to working... ... ... but you finally managed to do something out of today's class. 

You had to classify the jobs and find out about the duties, the possibilities that it offered, and the qualities that are necessary to apply and get the job.


Here are some of the things you mentionned again for the job of "chief funster": 

You have to write reviews about festivals.

You can become a Sydney VIP and go anywhere you want.

You mustn't be shy. You need to be talkative and energetic. You need to know how to do thing alone.








- Une fiche a été distribuée à chacun d'entre vous avec l'intitulé d'un poste. Vous devez écrire le script d'un CV vidéo pour postuler (= ce que vous diriez dans une vidéo pour être choisi pour le poste). Respectez le plus possible la fiche guide avec les critères d'évaluation pour faire la meilleure vidéo possible.

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May 21 2013 3 21 /05 /May /2013 17:39

http://www.marketing-chine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/marketing-on-line.jpgHi guys,


today we went to the computer room and you had 2 activities to complete:


First Activity (Superlatives) - How to talk about Australia and put the country on a "podium".

Click here


Second Activity (The Best Job in the World) - Fill in the gap exercise: "Analysis of the phenomenon by the media".

Click here



- vous pouvez refaire les exercices en ligne à nouveau.

- pour les absents: faire les exercices. Ecrire les 11 phrases de l'exercice 1 dans son cahier une fois que vous avez trouvé la bonne réponse. Il s'agit de la correction d'une partie de votre dernier devoir sur l'Australie.

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May 17 2013 6 17 /05 /May /2013 11:45



today we first spoke about Arno and Enzo's best places to visit: 


Enzo thinks Narbonne beaches are the best place to visit. There are the most beautiful landscapes he has ever seen.

Arno thinks Rome is the most lively city has ever visited. There are the most interesting monuments in the world.


Then we watched the video which promotes the competition for the best job in the world with Ben, the former winner. This year, there are 6 contracts to win.

We talked about the missions of these contracts and you will have to apply at the end of the lesson.





- visionner la vidéo et être capable de donner les intitulés des contrats. Vous devez également être capable de parler des missions relatives à ces contrats et dire en quoi ces emplois sont vraiment "the best jobs in the world".

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May 13 2013 2 13 /05 /May /2013 13:12



today we first made a recap about why Sydney was a unique place to visit. Then we continued the lesson with a new recording about Jack who was calling his mother. Here is what we said:


Jack is calling his mom. He is studying in Melbourne (Australia) for 6 months and he is telling about the country. He is enthusiastic.

He has been to Sydney. It's the coolest city he has ever visited.

He has bee to the outback. Uluru is the most beautiful site he has ever seen. It's gigantic.


Vocab and phono: mots en -ic = accent de mot sur l'avant-dernière syllabe.

- enthusiastic

- gigantic

- terrific

- fantastic

- energetic



the... -st + present perfect

-> permet d'établir un "podium" d'après une expérience.



- Ecrire un paragraphe de 5 à 10 ligne sur un endroit unique vous avez visité et qui vous a marqué. Expliquez pourquoi.

- Préparez-vous à un contrôle de vocabulaire / leçon pour la semaine prochaine, en particulier sur les activités que l'on peut faire en vacances en Australie.

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May 10 2013 6 10 /05 /May /2013 11:47



today we worked again on Sydney to determine why it was a place worth visiting. We studying a leaflet from a tourist information booth and here is what we said:


- Sydney is the largest and the oldest city in Australia.

- Its harbour (with the Opera house) is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

- The beaches of the Eastern and Southern coasts are the most beautiful in Australia.

- There are the largest ocean baths on Earth in Australia.



The ...-st : adj. court (max. 2 syllables avec son suffixe)

ex:   the oldest ...

         the sunniest ...

The most ... : adj. long (tous les autres)

ex:   the most ancient...

         the most populated ...



- connaître parfaitement la leçon.

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May 7 2013 3 07 /05 /May /2013 16:24

Hi everyone,


you took a test today about Australia during the whole hour.

Unfortunately, as many of you haven't paid attention to English classes lately, I doubt you will score good marks...


For future reference, studying takes time, self-involvement and honesty...


See you on Friday.

Mr Hattais.

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May 6 2013 2 06 /05 /May /2013 20:57



today we listened to Zach, an English pupil making a presentation about Australia.

You had to identify some facts about the country, cities, people, ...


-> Grammar: le superlatif = la marque "the ... -st" vient de "first". Il s'agit d'un classement à établir parmi des "concurrents".


Sydney is the largest city in Australia but it's not the capital city.

The Dijeridoo is probably the most ancient musical instrument in the world.





- devoir de leçon, connaissances, et document inconnu sur le thème de l'Australie.

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