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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
November 23 2011 4 23 /11 /November /2011 14:30

http://surfwithberserk.com/img/weird/weird_people_and_animals/58.jpgHey guys,


today we had a first "special class" about how to consider acting in English. I hope you had fun but that you also learned some interesting things about staging and performing to be a good actor.


Unfortunately some of you had to leave early because of P.E. class. We'll continue this next time, i.e. tomorrow. Our objective is to finish the lesson with a transformation of the text into an act / a scene from a play.


See you tomorrow.

Mr Hattais.

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November 17 2011 5 17 /11 /November /2011 16:27

http://drsvenkatesan.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/heart_beating.gifHey guys,


today we first worked on how to create an atmosphere starting just from your senses and impressions and our little experiments... ;)  Creepy, wasn't it?

Here is what we finally said:


Narrating starting from your sensations and feelings

The desert island:


Arriving/landing: by boat, by airplane.

I came to the desert island by plane but it crashed into the ocean. I felt cold and wet.


Reaching the beach: I managed to reach the beach walking in the sand. It felt like biscuits under my feet.

Getting into the forest: I felt lost and exhausted. I was injured/hurt/wounded. My eyes hurt. I felt as if I were blind, but I knew I was in the forest. It felt dry and like twigs under my feet.

In the forest, first meeting with the natives: I was taken by people to their camp. They fed me soup with mysterious ingredients. It felt as if I were eating human eye balls and a warm beating heart.


Structure: Exprimer une émotion/sensation

The 5 senses:
Touch -> to feel
-> to smell
-> to taste
-> to sound
-> to look … + adj
                               + like + nom
                               + as if + phrase (prétérit modal)

Ex: It feels strange and mysterious
       It smells like vinegar
       It tastes as if it were dead fish

Then, after revealing the real objects from the bag, we continued the lesson with a recap of your homework about Joseph Conrad and we began to study an extract from one of his biggest success: "Heart of Darkness". 

Here is what we have begun to say about it:


Heart of Darkness:

Type of narrative: 1st person narrative. The point of view is Marlow’s. It’s an internal focalization.

Who: Marlow and his men (pilgrims) + the natives.
Where: On a river, into the forest, in the wild/wilderness (a wild dense jungle)
When: At night

What: Marlow is looking for a friend (Kurtz) who may be lost/ may have been kidnapped. As he sails up the river, he feels as if someone were watching and following him. In this imagination, it sounds as if the natives were preparing a ceremony/sacrifice. Because of the heavy foliage and the dark, he feels as if he were blind.
    Cf. : « bodies swaying »      Sense of sight
            « eyes rolling »            Sense of sight
            « feet stomping »        Sense of hearing

Additonal vocabulary:

A steamer
A steam-ship
A roof
(to) sail = to go by boat
(to) manage to = (to) succeed in ...




- pour mercredi, vous devez répondre aux questions 2 à 5 de la fiche guide de compréhension du texte.

- faites-vous des fiches de lexique par thème. Je vais bientôt ramasser des classeurs pour vérifier que le travail est fait correctement.



- Téléchargez le texte ici.

- Téléchargez la fiche de compréhension ici.

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November 16 2011 4 16 /11 /November /2011 15:19

http://idata.over-blog.com/3/18/86/31/Tale/Disturbing-Lives/Colonialism1.jpgHey guys,


today we first warmed up with a recap of what you had understood from your test and then we started a new sequence dealing partly with colonialism.

You first had to comment on pictures and you did quite a good job. Then you had to work on the different points of view (POV) used in the documents. Here is what we said: 










Dominates the world 

Forced power from the settler who is considered as sadistic


Proud of himself 

They are not free, have to obey


Live in harsh environment and conditions


Views the natives as wild, savage and uncivilized animals with no intelligence 



Scornful to the natives



Feels Superior to the natives


Wants to satisfy his power, his greed for power


Wants to make the natives more civilized



(to) settle

A settler        

A settlement





- être capable de faire le résumé de ce qui a été dit en cours 

- connaître le nouveau vocabulaire

- faire les recherches demandées (cf. questions en bas de la fiche) sur Joseph Conrad.



- Télécharger la fiche (images + tableau + homework) ici.

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November 10 2011 5 10 /11 /November /2011 16:31

http://www.nepadentalassisting.org/images/test-clip-art.jpgHi guys,


today was the last test before the end of the term. I'll try to correct it asap, i.e. before your "conseil de classe".

I'll keep you posted about it.


Until then, take care.

Mr Hattais.

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November 9 2011 4 09 /11 /November /2011 14:34

Hey guys,


today, after 2 volunteers talked about their selected pictures and our comments about their presentations, we summed the important ideas to tackle when talking about the war in the US.


We finally watched a short documentary about the war effort. You can watch it again below:






Here are some of today's ideas:


Before the war, women used to wear nylon stockings / tights.
However, they had to give it up because nylon was used to make parachutes; so women used socks instead. 


Additional vocabulary:

"to be written by ..."


HW: préparez-vous à un devoir de 2 heures (C.E., trad, E.E. -> Dialogue + Essay) sur le thème de la séquence: "Love and the War".

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November 3 2011 5 03 /11 /November /2011 16:31

Hey guys,


today we first finished correcting your tests (essay and translation). Here is the list of link words that were used in the essay:


"to be written by Sarah / Aurianne"


Here is the correction for the translation (English original text + our proposal):


"to be written by Sarah / Aurianne"


Then you took a vocabulary test and you then had to analyse and compare two drawings by Normal Rockwell that you can see again below:



http://ddata.over-blog.com/3/18/86/31/1ere/Britain-at-war/rockewell-montage.jpgClick to enlarge


Here is the chart we began to draw about the similarities and the differences between the two documents:


Similarities :

- Same artist
- American flag
- Women = the same girl (Rosie)
- masculine + feminine elements (trousers, clothes....)
- Short red-haired girls
- Not housewives
- look strong/ determined

Differences :

- They don't really look alike
- She has less muscles
- Not the same activities
- Their attitude (static / movement)
- symbol for Hitler (Mein Kampf)

-> Symbol :

They both embody the woman and her evolution during and after the war .



- Préparer des notes pour le commentaire (Identification, Description, Analyse, Contexte, Opinion, Elargissement) de l'une des deux images, au choix. Il serait quoiqu'il arrive judicieux de faire référence à l'autre oeuvre dans votre Analyse / Contexte / Elargissement... Quelques élèves seront notés sur leur intervention.

- Vous pouvez regarder ces reportages que nous visionnerons probablement Mercredi également en partie pour clore la séquence. Cela pourra vous donner des idées d'analyse:

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October 20 2011 5 20 /10 /October /2011 16:22

Hey guys,


today we first warmed up with a video about a university professor who is a freegan... But what is freeganism? Let's watch the video again:





Here is what we said about this movement but could you find a translation for this word? :


The document is about a teacher who has gone green for more than 30 years. He sorts out the garbage from the trash containers and eats for free.

 He is a freegan.

- an eco-friendly behaviour
- maybe he's miserly

- to reduce the impact on the environment: the 3 "re"
  • - reduce consumption and fight off consumerism
    - reuse
  • - recycle
 Disgusting, unconscious (bacteria, diseases) -> YUCK!

Then we continued our study of the text and the analysis that we had conducted about the absence of speech verbs. Here is what we said about it and some expressions that we could use to make things clearer for the reader:



 Absence of speech verbs ->
1- to keep the feelings a secret
2- to play tricks on the reader; POV is difficult to determine.
Feelings: (speech verbs)
Stella said... nervously / anxiously
She moaned... in a trembling tone



Finally, we started an activity for the correction of you essay (mock exam). You need to finish this activity for after the holidays.



- finir l'activité sur la correction de l'argumentation (1, 2, 3, 4).

- corriger son expression écrite personnelle.



- Téléchargez la fiche d'activités "Correction Essay" ici.

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October 19 2011 4 19 /10 /October /2011 10:21

Hey guys,


today we studied an extract from the movie "Pearl Harbour" and your role was to identify the similarities and the differences with Stella's story.

You can watch the extract here again: 




Here is the chart that we ended up drawing:


Similarities: threesome (love triangle), war, love story, she is torn apart, accident, betrayal, tragic / soap opera, whisper in the night, cry
Differences:  boys know each other, is thought dead, not handicapped / mutilated / crippled, girl doesn't know who to choose, she explains the reasons to her lover, movie/book, the soldier meets the nurse (Stella had to go to the hospital), letter/call, betrayal.




- actualisez vos fiches de vocabulaire.

- vous aurez un contrôle de vocabulaire sur le thème de la séquence 2 (Love during the War) le jeudi de la rentrée (03/11/11) + vous aurez également un devoir sur table très prochainement (probablement le 2ème jeudi de la rentrée 10/11/11).

- Préparez vous à parler de la leçon en début d'heure. Je veux des volontaires et apprécierais que ce soit des élèves qui ne parlent pas souvent qui prennent la parole de façon à ce qu'ils puissent augmenter leur note d'oral. Certains sont en danger d'avoir de très mauvaises notes...

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October 13 2011 5 13 /10 /October /2011 17:40

http://www.allposters.com/IMAGES/JAG/03-PS91-1.jpgHey guys,


today we first talked about the way English people see the French and here is what we concluded:


Warm up : French cliches and strereotypes.
- Fashion : French people are said to be shopaholic / prefer buying luxury brands / love luxury
- Hygiene: They are believed to smell from their armpits

Sexism :

French people are thought to be sexist
                                  believed to be lazy
                                                       be on strike always

Le passif : S + BE + P.P
                  present / futur / passé
----> expression du stéréotype :
" On dit des francais que ..."
" On croit que ..."
" On pense que ..."


Then we continued the lesson with the correction of the about what you would do if you were in Stella's shoes. Here are the different options you mentionned:


If I were / was in Stella's shoes, I would... :
- break up with Philip but only after some time because I wouldn't want to make him unhappy as / since he is mutilated, traumatized and devastated.
- commit suicide because I would be torn appart between two lovers.
- break up with* Philip because before the accident Stella stopped loving him.
- leave Joe because this relationship is just a fling, it's frivolous.**
* break off an engagement with...
**  a love affair which is not serious is frivolous, it's a fling.

Eventually, we read the last part of the text and determined that no option we had anticipated was really the one Stella acutally chose. Here is what we said:


- Stella's difficult choice : ordeal / hardshipdilemma
  ----> Finally, Stella chooses to stay with Philip and break up with Joe out of pity / compassion
She is torn apart like in some soap opera.
( ex : The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives)
It seems a bit too dramatic. There's a lot of tragedy / pathos
Drama --> tic / melodramatic
tragedy--> ic (tragic)
pathos --> pathetic


And to end the class, we made a list of words and phrases used in the text to convey pathos. Here is the cart we drew:


Atmosphere :

                  darkness/ cold / dark
                   No moon
                   break the silence
                   smell of old leather and wet dog
Characters' attitude :

                               hugged in silence
                               walked hand in hand
Characters' speech:

                            He couldn't take it anymore
                             I would be his life or his death
                             Ordinary life has finished for him
                             the only thing worth
                            " I'd stand by him" : --> she said
                                                                 --> complained / moaned
                           That would be tempting fate ( destiny )
 - Narrative : 3nd person narrative -> it's both a dialogue and a narrative



- apprendre la leçon (quoi dire sur ce texte pour en parler)

- apprendre le nouveau vocabulaire (faire des fiches par thème)

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October 12 2011 4 12 /10 /October /2011 10:19

Hey guys,


today we first warmed up about the possibility to maintain a love relationship during the war and here is what you said:



Falling in love during the war is probably possible but very harsh.
There's a difference between falling in love before the war and trying to keep a long-distance relationship and falling in love at war which seems to be frivolous. Keeping a long-distance relationship depends on several things:
- Faith and trust in your partner
- And finding solutions to communicate
For instance, Cathy's cousin has been in love with a foreigner for two years now; they are getting married when her boyfriend proposes to her.
Voc :
        - Tenderness
        - (to) seek shelter
        - (to) propose # (to) offer
        - faith/trust
        - a foreigner = a stranger


Then we continued with summing up what the Blitz was and we jotted down a few words to remember:



Voc : The Blitz

Bombing - to blast a city
to shelter oneself
casualties = victims of the war 



Finally, we started reading a new text about Stella, Philip and Joe on the farm. Here are the notes that we took to remember the first elements of the story:


Torn Apart (text)
                                   E         (soldier)
Characters : Stella ---X----> Philip --------- ---> Philip's mother / Philip's friend (soldier)
                               ---L----> Joe (farmer) -----> Mr Lawrence (boss, Joe's father)
                                --W ---> Other farmers ("reflected all those in the room")
Where : on a farm 
              in London/ at the hospital
Facts : Philip's Mother / call / Stella : Philip -> lost a leg + a foot (?)
Voc: (to be) crippled




- être capable de faire le compte rendu du texte sur ce que nous avons compris pour le moment.

- préparer des notes pour répondre à la question suivante en anglais à l'oral: "What would you do if you were Stella? Leave the farm and break up with Joe or stay and break up with Philip? Explain why." (2-3 minutes)



- Télécharger une copie du texte ici.

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