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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
January 18 2012 4 18 /01 /January /2012 14:41

Hi guys,


today we first talked about this extract from the movie Philadelphia as a warm up:





Here is what we said about it:



Warm up : Philadelphia

The document is an extract from the movie Philadelphia. It features two men, a white man (Andrew) and a black man (a lawyer). It takes place at the lawyer's office. Andrew has come because he wants to sue his employers for firing / dismissing / sacking him wrongfully.
He thinks they have fired him because he has AIDS. When Andrew says those words, the lawyer is terrified. He's more than ill-at-ease. He looks at everything he touches and he stares at him suspiciously and anxiously. He's afraid of being contaminated with HIV / of being sick too.
an acronym (AIDS, HIV)
to sue: to go to justice / court
to fire / dismiss / sack
ill-at-ease -> to stare at / to gaze at
HIV positive
to be contaminated with...

Then we continued the lesson with analysis of the picture from googlemaps. Here is what are some of the keywords from your speech:


Key words

to warn drivers
to protect illegal immigrants
to avoid many casualties
considered / depicted as animals or criminals




- vous devez être capable en début d'heure d'utiliser toutes les idées mentionnées aujourd'hui dans un développement construit et argumenter pour présenter, décrire, analyser, remettre l'image en contexte et donner votre avis sur le montage.


More information about the movie Philadelphia here. You can watch it here in English if you'd like to.

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January 10 2012 3 10 /01 /January /2012 23:17

Hi guys, 


today you first took a vocabulary test about the previous sequence "Colonialism and Heart of Darkness" and then we continued the lesson with a picture to describe and analyse. You can see where the actual photo was taken below thanks to this google map.


View Larger Map


Here is some useful vocabulary to talk about the issue:



The border

A highway / a ringroad

A road sign

A wall / a fence

(to) cross the border illegally

An illegal immigrant

(to) hold hands

(to) run away from




- préparez-vous pour le contrôle de 2 heures sur la séquence terminée (compréhension / expression / traduction)

- pour mercredi 18/01/12, préparez une réaction développée et argumentée à l'oral sur cette image.


For those who don't know how to make Google Maps work... here is a picture of what you can do with it to be able to locate the picture precisely on a map... Just in case...


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January 5 2012 5 05 /01 /January /2012 17:44

Hey guys,


today we first watched the live report about the attacks on the WTC back in 2001 and you had to confront the text we were studying with the testimony of the two eye witnesses upon that day.

Here are some of the comments you made about the document:



WTC attacks:
This document is a report of the events that happened on 9/11/2001. There is a journalist asking questions to two eye witnesses. The 1st woman says that she was returning home from school with her daughter when she heard a loud noise. She mimics the sound of an airplane. Then she saw a fireball and an enormous fire. There was also a huge smoke. She also describes the events happening live. She can see a plume of confetti fallling down from the tower. The 2nd eye witness is more shocked as she understands that this is not an accident. She can see, hear, and feel the shock waves of the explosion.







Then we continued working on the correction of the translation:


...de ses inquiétudes à propos des poisons qui flotttaient dans l'air. Et puis elles dormirent. Elles dormirent, dormirent et dormirent du sommeil de l'épuisement et peut-être du soulagement d'être loin de là-bas, de l'endroit où ça s'était passé. Mais le dimanche, quand Inga demanda à Sonia ce qu'elle avait vu depuis la fenêtre de sa classe ce matin-là, la jeune fille se contenta de secouer la tête, le regard vide et la mâchoire crispée.


and we summed up some of the techniques and important points that you needed to think about when in front of your translation:


"to be written by Jason / Joyce"



- j'ai oublié de vous dire que vous auriez un contrôle de vocabulaire Mercredi sur l'ensemble de la séquence incluant le texte "Heart of Darkness" + un devoir de fin de séquence Jeudi (2 heures: comprehension / expression / translation)... oops... ... faites passer le message. Merci.

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January 4 2012 4 04 /01 /January /2012 14:18

Hi guys,


today we began to correct the translation you had to complete during your 3-hour test before the holidays. Here goes what we have done so far:


In the days afterward, I couldn't get in to them. The area had been cordoned off and most it evacuated but somehow the police nerver arrived at 40 white street to tell its residents to leave.
Les jours suivants, je n'ai pas réussi à les rejoindre. Le quartier avait été bouclé et la plupart évacuée, mais bizarrement la police n'arriva jamais au 40 white street afin de dire à ses habitants de quitter les lieux.
The first week-end, Inga and Sonia managed to travel to Brooklyn and I cooked for the two of them. We talked a little. Inga told me about the ruined cars piled up on C.S, the smoking pit a few blocks south,
Le premier week-end, Inga et Sonia réussirent à aller à Brooklyn et je leur ai fait à manger. Nous avons un peu discuté. Inga m'a parlé des carcasses de voitures empilées sur C.S, du cratère fumant quelques pâtés de maison plus au sud,
the pale dust that had covered everything like a toxic snowfall, her worry about poisons in the air. And then they slept. They slept and slept and slept, the sleep of exhaustion
de la poussière pâle qui avait tout recouvert comme un manteau de neige toxique, de ses inquiétudes à propos des poisons qui flottaient dans l'air. Et puis elles dormirent. Elles dormirent, dormirent, et dormirent
and perhaps relief to be away from there, the place where it had happened. But on Sunday when Inga asked Sonia what she had seen from the classroom window that morning,
du sommeil de l'épuisement et peut-être du soulagement d'être loin du lieu où cela s'était passé. Mais le dimanche, quand Inga demanda à Sonia ce qu'elle avait vu depuis la fenêtre de sa classe ce matin-là,
the girl just shook her head, her eyes blank and her mouth tight.
la jeune fille se contenta de secouer la tête pour dire non, les yeux vides et les lèvres sérrées.

We will finish correcting it tomorrow.


- pensez à actualiser vos fiches de vocabulaire et préparez-vous à un contrôle sur la séquence "Disturbing Lives: colonisation"

- rendre la correction de son devoir d'expression écrite (en corrigeant les erreurs / finissant / améliorant votre production)

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December 14 2011 4 14 /12 /December /2011 14:51

Hi guys,


today we took the plane to New York JFK and you tried to get in the USA. Unfortunately for some of you as you were terrorists or drug dealers, you were denied access...





You can download the announcements made by the cabin crew (me...) to welcome you on board and to prepare yourself for landing here:





Here is the waiver that you have to fill in when on the plane to the US:



Here is what we said about it:



Warm Up: Immigration Waiver

Today we did a warm up about immigration services in the USA. Firstly we began with a little activity, we watched a video that made us feel as if we were on a plane; we were the passengers and Mr Hattais was the flight attendant (he made a very good job!). Then we filled in a waiver and to finish we talked about it. We gave our opinion and wrote the lesson.



I don’t think it’s really useful because people can lie. I believe it cannot prevent terrorists from striking. It’s only to enforce security measures and show that the government cares about people. It’s to reassure them.



Illegal immigrant

(to) enter ¤ a country

A form / a waiver

Useless / inefficient




- finir vos fiches de vocabulaire sur la séquence précédente en vue d'un contrôle de vocabulaire.

- revoir les éléments de la séquence précédente (en terme de récit notamment) pour être capable de rédiger un texte en prenant en compte le point de vue d'un personnage.

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December 8 2011 5 08 /12 /December /2011 17:11

http://coloringpagesforkids.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/cookie%20monster%20coloring%20pages%205.gifHey guys,


today I hope you had fun performing your scenes from the text "The Heart of Darkness". You all did a pretty good job as it was rather difficult but you did prepare your staging and acting quite well! Congratulations!


Let's keep it up and try to have volunteers who will adapt some texts that we have studied or will study throughout the year.



During the 2nd part of the hour, we continued working with the correction for your test about Niska and her nephew Xavier coming back from the war. You had to work in groups and you will get bonus points for you future exam according to the quality of your correction.


I'll see you next week. Until then, take care. 


Mr Hattais.

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December 7 2011 4 07 /12 /December /2011 15:35

http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7000000/Theater-acting-7007404-1200-954.jpgHey guys,


today after performing your parts with the "Grandparents' House", you had to get into groups and work together as a team to make the text we are studying ("Heart of Darkness") come to life.

Tomorrow, you'll get to perform your parts and I hope that you'll acheive good results since your performances will be graded.


Here are the criteria:






Text is known by heart 





No phonetic problems





Tone of voice is coherent





Staging is creative and well done





Laughing for no reason (malus)

- 1

- 2



A real group work is made (bonus)



+ 1

+ 2


                                                    Final Score = ________ / 20


See you tomorrow for your performances and for the end of this text.


Take care,

Mr Hattais.

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December 1 2011 5 01 /12 /December /2011 16:46


Hey guys,


first today we warmed up with the atmosphere in the class (curtains drawn so that it was really dark). Then we watched an extract from the movie King Kong and you had to concentrate on the connection with our text as far as the lines of analysis we have drawn so far are concerned. Here is what we said:


"to be written by Naomi / Amélie"


We also commented on POV from the movie and determined that the main point of view was that of the girl in the center about to taken by the gorilla into the forest, from the "pit" (Hell) to the "heart of darkness".

However, the director tries to make us feel the feelings of each group of characters by focusing on their eyes at some point.


Additional vocabulary:

"to be written by Naomi / Amélie"




Then in the 2nd part of the hour, we did a bit a theater. I taught you how to move on stage (staging) and how to act on stage (acting). You will have to rehearse your part for next time since we are going to perform an adapation from this text.



- apprenez votre texte (une ou deux lignes donc) en fonction de votre groupe. Le groupe est déjà passé mais il faudra bien sûr affiner la représentation. Les autres devront se remettre ensemble pour créer une adaptation du texte en fonction de leur propre interprétation.

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November 30 2011 4 30 /11 /November /2011 15:13

Hey guys,


today we nearly finished studying the text by Joseph Conrad. We did a thorough recap of the analysis already made and we continued analysing specific vocabulary and literary devices:


8- I/     Tambours : Drums

            Rideau : Curtain

            Si : Whether

            Les aubes : Dawns

            Qui donne des frissons : Chill

            Brindille : Twig

            Sursauter : Start

            Imaginé : Fancied

            Maudit : Accursed

            Subjugué : Subdued

   II/      Screams : Burst of yells

            Parts of the body : Limbs

            Our environment : Surroundings

            Frightened : Anguished

            Chained : Shackled


9- A/ « Incomprehensible » ; « Unknown » ; « we could not understand / tell » ;  « No memories » ; « Wanderers » ; « Madhouse » ; « Monster » ; « Secretly »

-> suspense, mystery // confused, perplexed

    B/ « Deeper and deeper into the heart of Darkness » ; « Crawled very slow » ; « Unearthly » ; « Anguished » ; « Monster » ; « Madhouse » ; « Prehistoric Man »

A partir de ce relevé de mots clés et de champs lexicaux, il faudra être capable de formuler un commentaire / une analyse du texte.



- apprenez votre nouveau vocabulaire, faites-vous des fiches et préparez-vous à un contrôle la semaine prochaine.

- vous aurez également à rédiger le commentaire complet de ce texte en vue des oraux de rattrapage du baccalauréat (sauf LV3 = ce texte fera partie de votre liste quoiqu'il arrive)



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November 24 2011 5 24 /11 /November /2011 17:08

http://www.fromoldbooks.org/King-PortraitsAndPrinciples/pages/0270-ornament-steam-ship/0270-ornament-steam-ship-q75-1430x708.jpgHey guys,


today we continued studying the extract from the Heart of Darkness. I hope you now understand better what is going on and the symbols behind the words (= interpretation).


Here is what we said about the text today:


The title gives us indications about the genre of books the Heart of Darkness belongs to.

It’s probably a book about mystery, suspense and adventure. The title possibly refers to the center of a new place we don’t know and where we don’t feel at ease.


New place : - An undiscovered / uncharted (not on a map) land with unknown people

                    - The cradle of humanity

                    - A person with a dark heart or a dark soul, capable of doing evil things

                            - The settlers: to impose / to bring civilization by force / to subdue

                            - The Natives: to rebel / to want to get revenge 


The 5 senses in the text :

Sight : ‘fires burned low’ (10) 

Touch : 

Smell :  

Taste :  

Hearing : ‘it was quiet here’ (6) 

               ‘the roll of drums’ (6)

               ‘the snappy of a twig’ (10)

               ‘a burst of yells’ (15)

               ‘a mass of hands claping, of feat stomping’ (16)

                ‘prayers’ (9)


Air / Fire / Earth / Water -> suspenseful atmosphere

                                       -> a primal / primevial atmosphere = the basics of nature


7.b) The four elements represent the natives because they respect and live in nature / the wild / the wilderness while the setters want to detroy it. It creates a suspenseful atmosphere because nature is almighty and the ‘pilgrims’ are nothing compared to it.

They are scared / in awe in front of those primal / primeval elements.

It helps the reader picture the environment of the characters and share their emotions.



Almighty = powerful

                  that cannot be defeated

Sacred = nature can be considered as the sacred place




- finir la fiche guide sur le texte intégralement.

- être capable de parler du texte et des symboles.

- faire des fiches de vocabulaire.

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