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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
June 7 2011 3 07 /06 /June /2011 23:42



today we spent the hour correcting some exercises and trying to understand better how grammar worked in English. I hope that this will have helped you understand some mechanism more clearly.


As for next class, we will finish studying the text from the A-Levels that took place in Pondichery very recently.


For next time, please read the assignment again and get ready to talk about what you understood from the text and what is still unclear.


You can download a copy of the text and questions here.


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May 31 2011 3 31 /05 /May /2011 16:12

Hi guys,


today after correcting your essay from last week, we continued the class with the analysis of the Pondichéry English exam that was given this year in 2011. As usual we worked on characters, places, time references, situations, feelings and motives for those feelings.


Here are some notes that we took while speaking about the document:


"to be written by ..."


HW: for next time, you need to complete this assignment and if you'd like, you can send me the writing exercise (preferably the dialogue) directly to my email address for me to correct it and help with your finals. There is no grade for it, just an exercise. You also need to complete the first 5 exercises from the grammar worksheet I have given you. See you on Tuesday.

Until then, take care.

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May 26 2011 5 26 /05 /May /2011 18:36



I was at school today for you but nobody showed up... did you all suddenly suffer from a very nasty disease like the plague for you not to come or is there something I should have known and I didn't...

If that's the case, it's really not nice of you not have have warned me...


Mr Hattais

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May 24 2011 3 24 /05 /May /2011 08:19



today you took your last writing test of the year. I hope that you will achieve good results to take confidence for your A-Levels next month.

Here reads the assignment:

"Can you imagine a killing spree in France as it happened in America? If it happened at your school, what would be your reaction?" Develop your essay in an introduction, development, and conclusion. (200-250 words)

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May 17 2011 3 17 /05 /May /2011 16:43



today we first finished correcting the exercise (§5) about our text and then we began to study a new topic thanks to a subverted logo of BP.

Here is what we said about it:


The picture is the logo of the firm BP but the sunflower is withered. It may have burnt or the company may have lost its fame or reputation.
It also looks like a fire ball; it's the symbol of energy.


Then we continued the lesson with the analysis of an article about this natural disaster. You can read it here (yet to be uploaded).

Here is what we said about this article:


The document is an article from a website (thinkprogress.org). It is a controversial article about who is responsible for the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico that happened last year in May 2010. BP CEO was trying to shirk responsibility and accuse another company.


Finally, we watched a video (a spoof) about the subject. You can watch it here:





Here is what we said about the document:


The video was published more or less one month after the incident in the gulf of Mexico, near the shores of Louisiana. It intends to criticize the way BP handled the oil spill.

This spoof blames BP for ... + V-ing :

-Try(ing) to shirk responsibility
- Find(ing) useless solutions
- Waste(ing) time
- Minimise(ing) the problem
- Not listen(ing) to the victims
- Corrupt(ing) / buy(ing) off / bribe(ing) residents (so that they kept silent / they forgot about accident / they didn't protest again the company)
- Not want(ing) to pay for all the damage
- Kill(ing) animals and endanger(ing) the environment


HW: find information about what the situation is like now in the Gulf of Mexico and analyse the last comment at the end of the article and explain what the internet users criticize.

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May 12 2011 5 12 /05 /May /2011 19:52



today we nearly finished dealing with the text "Gun Culture" after you taking a vocabulary test. I can already tell you it was really NOT brilliant... Gosh! you do need to learn better and more precisely.


Here is what we said about the text:

"correction of the worksheet to be written by..."


HW: for next time, get ready for an essay about the topic of guns. And complete exercise #5 from your worksheet.

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May 10 2011 3 10 /05 /May /2011 13:21



today we first talked again about the two pictures illustrating your text and then we continued our study of the text: "A gun culture" to understand better the arguments of the journalist. Here is what we said to account for / justify how extensive the circulation of weapons is in the US: 


How can we account for the american gun culture?
There is a wide–spread circulation of weapons in the US.
The arms trade is not well-regulated.
The law allows to trade firearms as if they were nearly normal items.
Schools have decided to install metal detectors because they are scared of weapons since it’s normal to advertise a gun sale.
The journalist also states that the education of children has an important part: the media encourage using guns in movies or video games and some children might confuse reality and fiction.
They may take reality for a video game. There is an important influence of the screens on children.
Other values conveyed by guns = freedom, independence, protection, equality.


Finally, we worked on a pronunciation exercise of the letters /ea/. Here are the words we classified in 3 different categories:


Tea [i:] -> lead teacher feature reach beach
Head [e] -> deadly weapon health pleasant sweater jealous wealth
Near [iƏ] -> idea year dear


HW: learn you lesson and don't forget that you are going to take the vocabulary test next time.

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May 3 2011 3 03 /05 /May /2011 16:32



today during the first hour you had to recap what we said about the document "Father and Child" last week. Then we continued the classe trying to understand why there is a gun culture in the US today. You had to read some texts explaining possible ideas. Here is what we said:


"to be written by ..."


Then we continued the lesson with an over-view of the different historical elements that have founded the USA and what the N.R.A. is:


"to be written by ..."


Finally, we resumed our work about the text "A Gun Culture". Here is what we said about the two magazine covers and about the reaction of the journalist:


"to be written by ..."


At the beginning of the 2nd hour, I also had you watch the following awareness campaign by Green Peace:





Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by ..."


HW: don't forget to review your vocabulary, to learn the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution, learn your lesson, identify the possible answers of the journalist to the questions he asks in the first part of the text and finally, get ready for a test about "the American gun culture" on Thursday.

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April 28 2011 5 28 /04 /April /2011 19:29



today after explaining you in French that you NEEDED to work more and more regularly, we continued the lesson about American gun culture. We corrected the commentary that you had to make for today about the picture with a father and his child.

Here is what we said about it:


The document is a photograph in black and white which puts emphasis on the contrasts. It deals with the impact of an unregulated arms trade in the world and more precisely in the US where a gun culture is wide-spread.
It aims at denouncing this circulation of weapons and also at making people react.
Indeed this picture is rather shocking at first sight because the logical rules are subverted:
A man is holding his daugther in his arms but at the same time he is holding the butt of the pistol in his other hand. It's as if he were pointing the gun at her / as though he were targeting her, even if his finger is not on the trigger and the safety clutch is on.


Additional vocabulary

a well-cut beard
(to) be well-combed
battle dress trousers
It's a matter of self-defence


HW: for next time, learn this commentary + make sure you read your text again entitled "Gun Culture" so that we can move on more quickly with it next time.

Files: download a copy of the picture here. (yet to be uploaded)

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April 5 2011 3 05 /04 /April /2011 13:12



today during the first hour of class, three students presented the charity Amnesty International. I would like them to write the oral commentary down on "paper" and to upload it to the blog as a correction for some students who hadn't done their homework properly.


"to be written by Hernani, Lucas, and Rayane"


Then we continued the class with the further analysis of the video, concentrating on the forms of humour. Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by Djeisa"


Finally, we started to study a new text entitled "The American Gun Culture". We only had time to read it and to highlight some important elements about basic understanding (Wh- questions).


In the second hour, we watched the credits from the movie "Lord of War" and we commented on them. You can watch them below:




Here is what we said about the document:


The document is an extract from the movie "Lord of War".
It features Nicolas Cage as a businessman who sells weapons.
His only interest is to make money.
There are 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation, that is to say one for every 12 person.
He would love to arm the other 11 people.
The movie uses irony / is ironic to denounce the unregulated arms trade.

The credit titles are filmed as if were the bullet from its creation to its target.


Additionnal vocabulary:

- ammunition
- (to) use irony
- It is macabre
- There is a discrepancy between form and contrast
- (to) kill = (to) reach a target
- a suitcase <- a suit
- irony (attention à la prononciation)



You also recorded yourself for the oral presentation of the video "Gun Teleshopping". You will get a grade for that presentation.


Finally, we could resume our analysis of the text: "A Gun Culture". Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by Djeisa"


HW: for after the holidays, you need to prepare an oral presentation of a visual about a father and his son with a gun in his hand.  


- Download a copy of the text here. (yet to be uploaded)

- Download a copy of the visual here. (yet to be uploaded)


NB: Those who haven't turned in their poems and illustrations yet will get a ZERO unless they send them to me by email asap. Please pass on the message to your classmates!

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