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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
June 8 2011 4 08 /06 /June /2011 18:22



today we finished talking about the text dealing with "The Other Side of Shakira". You had to create a questionnaire for this text and we noticed that your questions were relevant and actually present in the test itself. Good Job!


I hope that this exercise will have helped you understand better what you are expected to do for the exam.


Until then, you know that I will try to make myself available if you need me on the Internet.

Good luck!

Mr Hattais.

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May 30 2011 2 30 /05 /May /2011 22:57



today we went deeper into the analysis of Ben's possible CV. We analysed what had to be said according to his personal experience so as to fit the job descrpition to its best.


Here is what we wrote in the different categories:


"to be written by ..."


HW: for wednesday, you need to put a copy of Ben's CV or of your personal resume to apply to the Island Caretaker job. Put it in my pigeonhole before 1 p.m.

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May 27 2011 6 27 /05 /May /2011 14:26

Hi guys,


not a lot of you showed up today... but we did manage to write some interesting stuff about the health care reform in your lesson copy books anyway and some of you did talk a lot! Good job!


Here is what we said about the problems in the former American health system:


"to be written by ..."


Then we continued the lesson with the analysis of this cartoon, part by part before revealing the whole document (syringe and needle, scared patient, and text in the balloon):



HW: don't forget your CV of Ben if you haven't turned it in yet.

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May 25 2011 4 25 /05 /May /2011 17:39



today was the last class with Michelle and we had LOTS of things and activities to do.

We talked about the health care reform in the US and we tried to identify the problems and the solutions proposed by the Obama administration.


But first, you took a test to try and understand American politics in general (the main ideas of the Republicans and the Democrats).


Here is the quiz to know what party you would be part of:



Then we watched this video and did the exercises below:




Exercises here:



Eventually, we tried to sum up what you had understood from the document and you did quite well even if it was really HARD for you. We'll go back over this lesson with me on Friday to write something about the reform in your copy books and we'll work with one last cartoon.



During the second hour, you talked more because the topic was of more interest to you and you had more things to say. Well done (for most of you... because some of you sadly didn't utter a word... :s).

We first watched the live news footage from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center (as it was broadcast on NBC). You had to react about it and tell us what you felt about the accident.



Then, there was the speech by President Barack Obama who recently announced that the US had captured and killed Osama bin Laden. We only watched the very beginning of this speech.





Michelle interviewed a panel of four students to ask them questions about this document and see how you reacted to it. Here were her questions:

- So what was the President talking about?

- Can you talk about who Osama bin Laden was?

- How old were you in 2001?

- Do you think there was anything else we could have done besides kill him?

- Why do you think it took the US ten years to find bin Laden?

- How did you find out that bin Laden had been killed?

- How did it make you feel when you found out?

- After he died there were a lot of Americans out in the street celebrating, what do you think about that?

- Some people think he’s not really dead because the government hasn’t put a picture out showing it, do you think they should release the pictures?

- What do you think is going to happen with other terrorists? Why do terrorists want to hurt the US so much?

- What do you think the US could do to make them not so afraid of America?

- If you were the president, how would you stop terrorism?


Finally (but we didn't have time to watch it all), we had you watch a video in which kids react to Obama's speech answering the same questions as Michelle. I'm sure you liked it and enjoyed it. You can see the rest of the video here and you can react posting comments to this article!





Good job! See you on Friday for a recap of these two classes.



- download a copy of the quiz here.

- download a copy of the exercises about the health reform video here.

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May 20 2011 6 20 /05 /May /2011 18:15



today we spoke about the classified ad dealing with the "job" in Queensland again. Here is what we said about the origin of the ad, the goal, and its target:


"to be written by ..."


Then we watched Ben's video one last time in which he introduces himself and applies for the job. Here is what we said why he won the competition (his strengths / qualities / skills):


"to be written by ..."


HW: for next time, you need to print out a copy of Ben's resume (invent some dates and job titles when necessary). It will help you prepare your own CV.

More about... how to create a proper resume online here. You can create a fake profile on the British website LinkedIn so that you use their online help. Susbcribe with an email address and create the profile as if you were Ben. Include all the fields from "Summary to Personal information". And then print your resume from the site. As easy as 1,2,3.

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May 16 2011 2 16 /05 /May /2011 14:27



today we first made a quick recap of what we had said about smoking and we tried to finish commenting on the question: "what is the most efficient government measure to make people quit smoking?" Here is what you answered:


"to be written by ..."


Then we started the last sequence of the year with a new theme: "The best job in the world".






Here is what we said about this ad and the video:

"to be written by ..."


HW: you need to think about a way to apply for this job (either a video or a regular résumé and cover letter). This will be your final grade for this year!

More information about... the best job in the world here.


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May 13 2011 6 13 /05 /May /2011 11:25



after making a quick recap of what you had said with Michelle on Wednesday, we continued talking about the government measures that could be implemented to help people quit smoking and we tried to comment on why there were differences between France and the US.

Here is what we said about the topic:


"to be written by ..."


HW: for next time, learn your lesson and get ready to talk and write about the topic as you will get a written exam on Friday.

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May 11 2011 4 11 /05 /May /2011 17:58



we worked two hours with Michelle on the theme of smoking. Even if it was a bit hard for you at the beginning and that you were not very talkative at first, it went on smoothly minutes after minutes.

Good job!


Now here is the video you watched:





Then here is the true or false test Inès and Lise took:




Finally, we studied an article about social manners and cigarettes in the US and you all took a survey to compare your personal experience of tobacco in France and Michelle's experience of tobacco in the US (cf. what the article states).


Here is a copy of the article:




Some important vocabulary from this lesson:




HW: we'll continue and finish speaking about this topic next time and we'll write a summary of what to remember in your copybooks.

Additional File: at the end of today's class, we were discussing the differences between France and the US thanks to a set of pictures. You can download it here.

More information about ... smoking and anti-smoking campaigns on the Truth website here.

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May 6 2011 6 06 /05 /May /2011 20:15

Today was the last lesson before your oral exam.


We studied a new document about the exploitation of children in the world (cf. "sweat shops") and therefore the idea of "Fair Trade".



Here is a copy of the commentary we worked on:



Here is the pronunciation of some difficult words (on which you are often mistaken) from this commentary:



Remember, only practice makes perfect. The best of luck for next week's oral examination.

Mr Hattais.

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May 2 2011 2 02 /05 /May /2011 18:55



today we first made a quick recap of what we had said about social networks and added more ideas. Here is what we said:


"to be written by ..."


Then we watched a video about the creator of Facebook. You can watch it again below:





Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by ..."


HW: don't forget your essay for Friday.

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