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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
April 8 2011 6 08 /04 /April /2011 09:42



today we first worked on defining Ireland a bit more and on correcting your homework.

Here is what we said and wrote in your copybooks:

  Adjectives to qualify Ireland:

- Wild / rural : Eire is wild and rural because there are not a lot of cities. The countryside has an important role.

- colourful: The country is colourful because there are lots of colours in the architecture of the cities.

- traditional: Irish people like traditions and many still speak Gaelic, the traditional Celtic language.

- independent: Contrary to Ulster which belongs to the UK, Eire is an independent nation / State.

- Catholic: Eire is mostly Catholic whereas Ulster is mostly Protestant.

- attractive / gorgeous landscapes


Then we first listened (without watching) to the following video. You had to guess thanks to the sounds only what was happening, who the characters, where it took place, ...


You can watch the video again below: 



Here is what we said about the video:


The video: Extract #1

The scene takes place in England, more precisely in Guilford in 1974, i.e. (LW: that's to say) 2 years after the beginning of "The Troubles".
Four people are walking in the street and entering a pub. They look / seem happy. They are going to a pub to have a drink / to have fun when a bomb explodes.
It's an attack.

  • Who is reponsible for the attack?

The Catholics are probably responsible for the attack.
The Irish Republican Army (the I.R.A.) may be responsible for the bomb / for planting the bomb.

(to) plant a bomb.


They may have planted the bomb because there was a war of religions and territories. 


HW: learn your lesson! and enjoy your break.  

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April 7 2011 5 07 /04 /April /2011 17:48



today we first warmed up with your internet habits and particularly your Facebook habits. I was suprised that some of you didn't have a Facebook account but also that some of you were real Facebook ADDICTS (20 hours a day... ... ... how is this even possible...?).


Here is the document we watched about the subject:



Here is what we said about it:


The document is a spoof. It deals with social networks and more precisely Facebook.

The story is set in the 1950's or 60's when Facebook didn't exist. There is a discrepancy between the fact that Facebook existed and real history.

The story features Alice who comes back home from work and connects to Facebook to read the newsfeed of her friends and in particular the news of Timmy, her fiancé.
She realizes that Timmy has broken up with her. His relationship status is now "Single". He has a new lover: Donna Whitehouse.
Alice starts a hate group in which she says that Timmy "doesn't buy things made in the USA" and "is a communist". Her revelation leads Timmy into being arrested.

Indeed, at that period, Mc Carthy was in power in the USA and there was a witch-hunt against communists.

The document intends to denounce the way some people use Facebook. They don't take the "common sense rules" of Facebook seriously.


Then we started a new sequence with you knew about Ireland and we saw that lots of things had to be taught about that country to avoid stereotyping and build up correct knowledge.


HW: for tomorrow, you need to answer questions A and B from your worksheet.


- Download the worksheet here.


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April 1 2011 6 01 /04 /April /2011 10:27



today you took your final test about the sequence "Love relationships during world war II". Here are the two assignments you could choose to write about:


1- Essay: "Is it possible to fall in love at first sight" (200-300 words)


2- Narrative and dialogue: "Philip finally comes back home from the war. Stella and Joe are present." Write the scene and conversation. (200-300 words)

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March 25 2011 6 25 /03 /March /2011 14:18



today we first listened to a report as a warm up about illegal downloading. You can listen to the document again below:



Here is what you said about it:


Illegal downloading

The document is a report about a conference that took place in London about this issue. It is a topical problem. A party of musicians including Lily Allen, Pink Floyd and Radio Head have suggested the British government to create a new law against downloading for free.
They said the government should send a letter of menace / threat to illegal downloaders before taking action and slowing their Internet connection down. It could be an efficient measure if the government was strict, otherwise people won’t take it seriously.



Then we continued and nearly finished the correction of your worksheet about the text as a recap. Here are the corrected answers:


"to be written by Nolwenn"


HW: get ready for a test on April 1st (essay / narration with dialogue).

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March 24 2011 5 24 /03 /March /2011 17:49



today we first discussed about Quentin's trip to England and then we did a quick warm up about Saturday's Earth Hour.



Here is the document we studied:



Here is what we said about it:


Earth Hour

The document is an awareness campaign, a form of ad to sensitize people about a topic. The scene depicts 3 men who don’t care about energy saving.
The atmosphere is scary / horrifying / dark/ gloomy / gruesome / macabre.
Something is going to happen.
A hord / throng of moths arrives and attacks the men. They take refuge / shelter in the cabin. But the light won’t turn off. They are doomed.
The slogan reads: “don’t be the only one”, “switch off”.
The document promotes “Earth Hour”, a time when you should switch off your appliances during 60 minutes.


Addtional vocabulary:


"to be written by Nolwenn"


Then we continued the lesson with the analysis of the essay assignment and how to comment on it:


"to be written by Nolwenn"


Link words mentioned and use:


"to be written by Nolwenn"


HW: finish the worksheet that you should have done for today but had forgotten... + answer this essay: "Do you believe in long distance love relationships? why or why not?" (200 words)

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March 4 2011 6 04 /03 /March /2011 15:01



today we first watched a very brief report about "Freeganism".



Here is what we said about it:


The document is about Professor Milton who teaches biology at the university of San Diego.
Even if he has an education and a well-paid job, he has been a "freegan" for 30 years. It is a reaction against the society of consumption / consumerism.
The term comes from "free" and "vegan" (a type of vegetarian diet).
It consists in reducing consumption.
You take your food from the rubbish bin / dumpster.
Even if people say it is gross / disgusting, he thinks it is a benefit for everyone to reuse and he saves a lot of money.


Then we continued the lesson with the correction of your homework. Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by Nolwenn"


As we didn't have much time to continue, I told you you would have more homework than anticipated.

HW: complete the worksheet that you will be able to download down here.


Worksheet to make a thorough recap for the text here:

- First Part

- Second Part


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March 3 2011 5 03 /03 /March /2011 19:02



today we first commented on a gruesome picture that is going to be depicted on cigarette packs by the end of April in France. Here is what we said:


The new law in France:

Type: awareness campaign

Target: everyone, in particular people who smoke


- to prevent people from smoking
- to shock people

- to make people react

Efficient? Yes, power of the picture

It's on cigarette packs:
You can really picture the consequences of cigarettes.


- throat cancer / lung cancer
- mouth disease (teeth, gum)
- gangrene
- risk of miscarriage of the baby

+ problems of erection


Then we continued the class with a quick recap of what we had said about the situation in the text and we went on talking about the characters feelings and reactions:


The feelings of the characters:

Philip is deeply in love with Stella, he wants to marry her. He is in search of a wedding ring. He doesn't know Stella and Joe are having an affair.
Stella feels guilty not telling Philip but she wants to break up face to face. She is not cruel / heartless / disrespectful.
She has not had the opportunity to tell him.
She doesn't want him to come back because she has already cheated on him.
She tries to hide her real feelings for Joe and Joe also tries to conceal their affair.
The verbs of speech that are used are neutral ("said") and reinforce this idea.
The unlawful couple doesn't want their relationship to be revealed / disclosed.


HW: Get ready to answer this question briefly -> "If you had been Stella, would you have stood by Philip?" Why or why not?

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February 4 2011 6 04 /02 /February /2011 15:22



today we first did a quick warm up about the American programme "Food Revolution". Here is the teaser again:



Here is what we said about it:


"to be written by Victor"


Then we continued studying the text "Torn Apart" about Stella's ordeal. Here is what we said about the feelings of the characters in the very first part of the text:


"to be written by Victor"


HW: no homework for the holidays apart from learning the lesson of course.

Enjoy your trip to Germany!

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February 3 2011 5 03 /02 /February /2011 17:17




today we first warmed up with the biography of Barbie, the famous doll. You can watch it below:





Here is what we said about it:


The document is about the story of Barbie since its creation.

It deals with the love she used to have with Ken, her perfect husband.

However, the perfect couple split up / broke up in 2007.

Barbie ditched / dumped Ken on Valentine's Day.

-> "Shame on you Barbie!"

-> "You're heartless Barbie!"

-> "What a bitch*** / whore*** / slut*** !!!!!"



Then we continued the lesson with the correction of your homework:

War-related words:

fighter / bomber -> (to) bomb

(to) kill / (to) destroy -> destruction ... terror / fire / flames

The Luft Waffe


attack / assault / incident


warfare (l'art de la guerre)

weapon / arsenal -> a gun, a bomb, ...

a bombing = un bombardement

(to) bomb / (to) bombard / (to) blast

air raid

(to) flee = to go away from the war

a tactical shift = a change of tactics

(to) subdue = to make someone capitulate


a soldier (intro)

(to) take up arms (intro)

l. 19 : he's lost a leg

l. 22 : air raid

l. 23 : shelter

l. 23 : warning

l. 34 : pain

l. 45 : death

l. 30 : the darkness (connotation of something bad).


Additional vocabulary:

aquamarine = a type of precious stone (ex: diamond)


Then we continued the lesson with the reading of our new text and here is what we said about it:


If I were in Stella's shoes, ...

... I would break up with Philip because I would want to be honest.

... I would continue to cheat on Philip because if he died, I would not be single.

...  I wouldn't know what to do; I would feel torn apart.

...  I would feel pity for Philip because he's lost a leg so I would stay with him.


Stella has to make a choice. She has to face a dilemma / a difficult situation / an ordeal.

  Her possible choices:

- break up with P.

- break up with J.

- break up with both

- continue to cheat on P.

- fall in love with Joe's father

- commit suicide out of despair.

Grammar : le conditionnel

If ... verbe au prétérit modal (attention à la forme de BE -> were à toutes les personnes)

+ .... would + V


HW: you will take a vocabulary test! Get ready!

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January 28 2011 6 28 /01 /January /2011 14:58



today we first did a quick recap of what the Blitz was and we added more details. Here is what you noted down:


"to be written by Quentin"



Then we continued the lesson with the description of the picture. Here are the key elements to locate some things in a picture:


The key elements to locate some things in a picture:

- At the top
- At the bottom
- In the background
- In the foreground
- In the corner
- On the right
- On the left


And here is what we said about the poster: 


- Topic: Women’s land army
- Target: women
- Goal: The woman must join the Women’s land army
Who? – There is a woman on the left, in the foreground. She’s holding a fork in order to harvest the hay / straw so as to give to the animals.
Where? – On a farm in the United Kingdom. We can see a field in the background.
When? – During World War II: “[…] Land army”
What? / How? / Why? – This is a poster aimed at the soldiers' wives. This is advertising for women to join the Women’s Land Army in order to save the economy of the country during the war. They work on the farm so as to harvest the crops in the fields. They do the work of the men who are at war / who have gone to wage war. 


HW: highlight all the war-related words from your worksheet entitled "The London Blitz" and learn your lesson. Vocabulary test is on the way...

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