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Ce blog est à destination de tous les élèves qui souhaitent enrichir leur connaissance de la langue anglaise. Chaque jour, des cours nouveaux expliqués... (cliquez sur le drapeau de votre choix pour lire la suite dans la langue voulue)
May 10 2012 5 10 /05 /May /2012 18:04

http://www.freestockphotos.biz/pictures/11/11270/sheep.pngHi guys,


today you first had to perform the scenes you had prepared about Billie Holiday's life (that she narrated in her auto-biography). You did quite a good job! Congratulations! I might ask you to do it again some time :))


Then we continued the lesson with "trying to kill Marco without being caught by the police"... tough assigment, ain't it?


We commented on the most important things for the "good murderer" to abide by and Marco drew some conclusion: the solution not to get caught by the police might just be not to kill him...


Finally, we started the study of our last text from the year: "Lamb to the Slaughter", a short story by Roald Dahl.

We first started to highlight and comment on the main WH- questions. Let's hope you'll like this last sequence for the year.



- relire son texte.

- terminer la fiche guide

- faire les mots croisés (seulement les mots vus en cours / dans le texte)

- préparer le "recap" sur le début de l'analyse du texte (who / where / when)



- téléchargez le texte (part 1) ici.

- téléchargez la worksheet ici.

- téléchargez les mots croisés ici.

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I may have some ideas for Marco... ;)
<br /> <br /> Ahah! :)<br /> <br /> <br /> Well, we'll try and brood something over lunch next week...<br /> <br /> <br /> +++<br /> P.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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